Our Process

How We Work With You

The foundation of all our services is to understand your life situation, your financial situation, your goals, and your concerns. We’ll hold a series of meetings focused on achieving that understanding, with the added goal of ensuring that you understand our services and mission.

The Wealth Management System then begins with a detailed review of your financial status, including cash flow, tax strategies, investment picture, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Gibraltar then produces:

  • A detailed Investment Analysis.
  • A written Retirement Planning report with recommendations.
  • A written Estate Planning summary with recommendations.
  • An updated Financial Plan.

Gibraltar provides ongoing review and revision of your plan and your investments and offers a consolidated view of your financial picture on our secure online Vault.


What's in a number?
Maintain an awareness of your current financial picture and plan for a successful future. Whether you are currently working or have entered retirement, understand where all your assets are and just how they are working for you. We provide guidance to make sure your assets are protected, preserved and there for you when you need them.